A Bookworm’s CRO Reading List

This is an ongoing list of blogs, books and webinars that I've found useful while working on CRO projects (and keep coming back to).  



Just Enough Research - Erika Hall (Book)

Heuristic evaluations

Course: Heuristic analysis frameworks for conversion optimization audits
- Andre Mory

Superb introduction to how to perform thorough heuristic analysis. When I say introduction, it's over 8 modules (an hour per module) so it's pretty lengthy but superb. Andre introduces the best heuristic model I've come across, the '7 levels of conversion' which focuses on increasing user motivation.

The LIFT Model - Wider Funnels (Blog)
The LIFT Model is referred to quite often by CRO's.


Dont Make Me Think - Steve Krug (Book)

How To Record Usability Tests - Usability.gov (Blog)

e-commerce Usability Research - Baymard (Blog)

The list of UX Tools to Rule Them All - Craig Sullivan's (Blog)

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