The Wolf’s Guide to CRO

You’ve seen Tarantino’s classic movie Pulp Fiction, right?

Remember that scene where Winston Wolfe – aka The Wolf – the epitome of cool under pressure, roars onto scene in his Mazda MX5 to help dispose of a dead body?

Dead stiffs aside, here’s the interesting thing:

As a fixer and no-nonsense master of ‘getting the job done’, The Wolf can teach us a thing or two about good CRO.

How so? I was hoping you’d ask.


The Wolf is a details guy. He’s all about the minutiae.

In his small black notepad he jots down the particulars. He wants to know every single detail before he formulates his plan. He’s not there to make friends.

Good CRO starts with asking questions. That includes talking to the people who run the site, the sales team, and whoever else is relevant…

However, the real insights are gleaned through observing how customers interact with your site.

That is done through insights gathering tools such as heatmaps, session recordings, analytics and last but definitely not least, user testing.

It’s observing what people do, not what people say they do.


Speed is everything. The Wolf is no time-waster – he’s there ahead of time.

“It’s about thirty minutes away? I’ll be there in ten.”

A good CRO starts collecting data right away, in the knowledge that the longer the tools are actively collecting data, the better the data they’ll have when they need it.

That means switching on your heatmaps and session recording on across your site from the get-go.

Speed is also pivotal when it comes to running tests.

Weeks can be wasted waiting for test results that are dead in the water after a few days. A good CRO knows when to ditch a test early and move on to the next, and when to hang tight.

Be Firm

The Wolfe sticks his hand out… “I’m Winston Wolfe, I solve problems”.

But here’s the thing:

Like the characters Jules and Vincent feel intimidated in the movie by The Wolf, so do many in-house digital teams by CRO.

“We’re doing a great job, the site looks great”.

The sad thing is, conversion optimization is a total blind spot for many teams.

The simple truth is that however good your site looks, if you’ve not run CRO on it, it won’t be converting as well as it could be. Period.

And even when you have optimised your site, you’re still not done. You’re never done. Hence why Amazon has multiple tests running at any one time. You’d think they knew their stuff by now, right? Wrong. They’re already testing and learning.


The Wolf: “That gives us forty minutes to get the f*&k outta Dodge, which, if you do what I say when I say it, should be plenty. Now you got a corpse in a car, minus a head, in a garage.Take me to it.”

Mr Wolfe then goes to work. He works out what needs to happen in what order to get the job done in the amount of time he has. He’s a professional.

Bonny arrives home from her late shift none the wiser. Jimmy’s marriage is saved, Mr Wolfe’s work is done.

A site won’t have just one problem, it will have dozens of issues. But the CRO is not some odd job man there to fix whatever he finds (you don’t hear The Wolf offering to fix a leaky tap).

No, the CRO is there to establish the main issue and prioritize the order of tasks. They want to get maximum ROI on the site, and if he can save your marriage, that too.

Results oriented

The Wolf is all about getting results. He uses his attention to detail to identify the issue at hand, and he uses his organisational skills to fix them.

In the same way, the CRO is all about results.

But rather than cleaning up mortal remains from the backseat of a Buick 6, it’s about cleaning up all the friction points that get in the way of your customer’s route to conversion.


The final point, The Wolf isn’t some commoditized ‘every man’. No, he is known by a select few and relied on to make minor miracles happen. He knows his stuff, and gets the job done.

In the same way, in the world of digital marketing CRO isn’t as widely known as SEO, or content marketing, or email marketing. But that doesn’t mean it’s small fries.

It’s totally not.

CRO done properly adds a percentage to your bottom line with the traffic you already have. It helps you optimise your customer journey so your customers do more of the thing that drives your business. Be that more add to carts, more checkouts, more sign ups, or more affiliate clicks.

If The Wolf worked in digital marketing, he’d so be a CRO! Just stay out of trouble you crazy kids 🙂