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About dramatik

Dramatik is a boutique CRO agency that works with lead generation, affiliate and ecommerce businesses to grow conversions and increase online revenue. For 3 years, we have been passionate about achieving fantastic results for our clients. We're based in South West London.

What we do

We grow conversions by following a simple 3 step process, inspired by the lean start up method.

1: Research

We analyse your site using quantitative and qualitative research techniques to find conversion killers (i.e. areas of your site that don't convert as well as they should).


2: Build Hypotheses

We build hypotheses based on what we think would increase conversions, gleaned from the research (see above) and our experience. But we don't know until we test them. Using the 80/20 rule, we prioritise them in terms of biggest bang for buck.


3: Test 

Now the fun begins. We run a/b tests to see whether our hypotheses were actually right. We do this by sending a portion of traffic to the original page (known as the 'control') and a portion to the new version (or 'variation').

When we find a winning variation, we set it 100% and help you or your developers hard code it into your site. We have a great strike rate.

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Who we are

dramatik is run by Ged Richardson, a growing figure in the CRO industry. An internet marketer by trade, Ged is passionate about optimisation and helping businesses thrive. 

Ged at WeWork

Ged Richardson, Founder


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